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120 Children Go To An Angel’s Game

Sunday, August 1, 2010 will be a very special day for 120 Southern California children. For most of them, it will be their first time stepping foot into a major league ballpark. It will be their first glimpse of the immaculate infield and their first chance to smell that old familiar smell of ballpark hot dogs roasting. Thanks to the generosity of Retrotel, a Palm Springs based company, 120 tickets for a MLB game have been donated to the Orangewood Children’s Home and Koinonia Family Services. Orangewood Children’s Home provides refuge for children who have been removed from their home by authorities while they await placement with family members or a foster family. Koinonia Family Services specializes in providing programs and services that are designed to address the special challenges faced by today’s abused and neglected children and young people. Children from these organizations will enjoy a Sunday afternoon at Angel Stadium watching the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play the Texas Rangers. Retrotel, Inc. is a certified small business owned by Brian and Cherise Sonderman of Rancho Mirage, CA. Staff and family members will also attend the game for Retrotel’s annual Summer Employee Appreciation Event. Retrotel employees have taken on a challenge this year to be more charitable and aware of those in need all around us. They have donated toys for the holidays, hosted a blood drive, supported wounded soldiers and now will proudly send 120 children to an Angels game as part of the Tomorrow’s Angels program.

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