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Annual Employee Appreciation Party

The stars of Retrotel were treated to a special red carpet celebration on Friday, September 23 for the annual Employee Appreciation Party. Employees arrived to work to find the office transformed into a party zone fit for a celebrity. A popcorn machine filled the office with the aroma of a star studded Hollywood premiere. After walking the red carpet and signing autographs for their fans, employees were treated to a pizza party and enjoyed playing games such as movie themed pictionary. After guessing each employee’s favorite movie, staff members were blindfolded and given the chance to take a swing at the popcorn tub pinata, filled with candy and prize tickets.

A highlight of the afternoon was leading man Ruben Ruvalcaba being awarded a special “Academy Award” style trophy honoring his 10 years of service. Other nominees for the award included Will Smith, Jack Nicholson and Robert Downey Jr. What a great day of fun and a wonderful way to celebrate our fabulous “cast”!