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Remanufactured Equipment

A Cost Saving Alternative to Expensive New Products

When is Remanufactured Equipment a Better Choice?

COST: For some applications, the latest, greatest technology is a must but for companies seeking to minimize capital investment while still deploying dependable, proven solutions, remanufactured equipment can meet that need.  
COMPATIBILITY: Have you been told that your system is no longer supported by the manufacturer? Companies may not always want or need to keep pace with short technology lifecycles. If your company has a desire to maintain or extend a proven, stable system and production on that platform has been discontinued, remanufactured equipment remains as a viable alternative.

What Does Remanufactured Mean?


There is a lot of press given these days to recycling products that are in perfectly good condition. Just as auto makers offer “Factory-Certified” used vehicles as part of their extensive portfolio of cars and trucks, it only makes sense to see expensive technology products fit into this category of “certified” used equipment also.

Equipment Price Trends


Why Choose Retrotel?

Retrotel is an expert in the Pre-owned Equipment Field
We continually purchase a portfolio of equipment, ranging in age from mature to near “state of the art” and then test and/or remanufacture it to be good as new and equal in performance. We even increase the warranty (2 years) beyond that typically offered by the manufacturer. And except for its lower cost, it will be difficult to know it was used.


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Two Year Warranty on All Remanufactured Equipment

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