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Repair and Services

Save Your Organization Money With Quality Repair and Services


We will work with your organization to develop a flexible, customizable, affordable plan to save you time and money by extending your telecom assets working life. Utilize our advanced equipment replacement process that minimizes downtime.

We also offer repair agreements and contracts that simplify billing and can manage blanket purchase orders.

Wireless Phones

If your wireless phone has suffered damage, let us diagnose it for you.  Our experienced technicians can handle battery replacement, digitizer (display) replacement, rear case glass replacement, and component repair (speakers, microphones.) We service Apple, Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, and Spectralink phones.

wireless phone repair
Desk Phone Repair

Desk Phones

From tugging on the cords to spilling liquids on the phones, desk phones take a lot of abuse. We can fix coffee spills, cracked or damaged displays, sticky buttons, and poor speaker and handset volume issues. We will diagnose, repair, and thoroughly test these instruments so that you can rapidly redeploy them.

Circuit Cards and Network Switches

From defective ports to non-functioning fans to faulty power supplies, Retrotel, Inc. can help keep your network up in a cost-effective manner. Rapid turn-around time keeps our customers’ networks up and running. 

Retrotel, Inc. employs a large team of in-house technicians who stay up to date with the latest hardware and technical specifications. Our repair facility includes complete state-of-the-art repair, refurbishing, and test capacities. Retrotel’s West Coast location helps speed turn-around times, allowing us to ship late to the east coast if needed. 


Questions about a business phone equipment repair need or setting up a contract? Visit our Contact Us page, call us directly at 1-800-895-9660, or email us: We look forward to providing your organization with business phone repair and maintenance at a fraction of the cost of new.