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Vehicle Donated to Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

2010-07-20-donationIn these tough economic times Coachella Valley charities are thankful for any donations they receive, however large or small they may be. While donations to non-profit organizations are on the decline nationwide, the need for services offered by charities such as the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission are on the rise.

On Tuesday, July, 20, 2010 The CV Rescue Mission was thrilled to receive the donation of a vehicle from Retrotel, a Palm Springs based small business. When Brian and Cherise Sonderman, owners of Retrotel, realized they no longer needed a 2001 Ford Ranger used by their business they began looking for a local charity that could put it to good use. They chose the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission because of their strong conviction to helping those in need right here in our own community.

According to Sue Myers, Director of Operations for the Mission, donated vehicles such as this one are often sold at a reduced price to CVRM families. While they are clients of the Mission, men and women receive training on how to get back on their feet, gain employment and secure housing for their family. As a final step to becoming financially independent, families who have saved money throughout their time at the Mission may receive help purchasing a vehicle, such as the one donated by Retrotel. Mike Hall, Production Manager for Retrotel, is pictured presenting the vehicle to CVRM staff.