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Who We Serve

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Who We Serve.

From Small Office to Fortune 500


Will Buying Remanufactured Equipment Cause A Problem With My Channel Partner?

Most Channel Partners recognize that legitimate, independent distributors selling remanufactured equipment can compliment more than compete for a customers business. Likewise independent distributors recognize that, in some cases, the level of support needed by end users can only be supplied by Channel Partners.

Our philosophy is to offer cost effective solutions for areas of our expertise and allow the customer to choose what works best for them.

Can We Purchase Through GSA?

Retrotel Inc. is a GSA Advantage Supplier for Categories 132-8 (Purchase of Equipment) and 132-12 (Repair and Spare Parts). GS35F0809N
If you are a GSA customer desiring to place an order please contact Retrotel:
Phone: 800-895-9660 or email
Retrotel Inc., is a woman owned, small business.

For Small Businesses


For Enterprise Customers





  • Government
  • Educational Institutions
  • Resellers
  • Integrators
  • Banks and Branch Offices
  • Hospitals


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